Non-Surgical Correction for Inverted Nipples

The Maintenance Kit may be used after your initial treatment with the Niplette. The soft medical grade silicone is easy to use.  The instructions are simple and with the Protective Covers and ointment, this device should stay in place while being worn during the day or at night.

Maintenance Kit




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Inverted or flat nipples are the result of short lactiferous milk bearing ducts. The Niplette is designed to lengthen these ducts by the application of gentle suction. Cosmetic surgery is not always permanent, so this solution should not be considered as it is costly and can pose problems for breastfeeding. The Niplette usually corrects inverted nipples in three months and has proven to be an easy solution for both cosmetic purposes and breastfeeding.

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Correction For inverted Nipples Avent Niplette/Supple Cups

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Do you wish to order the Niplette now for correcting inverted nipples? Click on the blue 'read more' button below to be taken to the order page. Please click on the drop down menu to see the ordering options. We recommend the Complete Inverted Nipple Kit.

Correction for Inverted Nipples
Avent Niplette:
We have several products for the treatment of flat and inverted nipples and accessories that allow for greater results. We may recommend one over the other according to the individual and the degree of the nipple inversion verses flat nipples. Call us for questions.

Non-Surgical Correction for Flat Nipples and Inverted Nipples: Have inverted nipples or flat nipples been a problem in the past to nursing a baby? Maybe it is only a cosmetic concern; either way, you will find help here! While inverted nipples may not be as common as flat nipples, it still affects many men and women.